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The CDWI Principles

  • The single most influential factor on a chorus' performance is the director's performance.
  • The director is only capable of modifying his own behavior, however, the modifications he makes will affect the performance/behavior of the chorus.
  • Many, if not most, of the "obstacles" a director faces on a weekly basis can be eliminated or reduced through these directorial modifications.

The CDWI is a powerful one day educational experience for chorus directors in which they receive one on one training and development in one or two areas of their choice. The CDWI Program is the highest rated program ever developed by the Society, and continues to earn high reviews (90% Positive) from the director participants as well as the men who make up the teaching chorus.

Each workshop experience is part of a long term development program for the participating director, who can expect in each succeeding workshop to build on what he has learned in the past.

The workshop is conducted by certified CDWI Trainers. These are experienced and effective chorus directors who have demonstrated the ability to apply their own directing and teaching skills to the CDWI format. The training takes place at a meeting hall arranged and hosted by the "host chapter". Five directors from within the geographical area (less than a two-hour drive is preferable) participate with the two instructors.

The host chapter arranges for: Meeting Facility; Transportation for the instructors from Airport, to hotel, to meeting facility, etc; coffee and pastries for the instructors and director participants. The chorus will need to be on the risers early to mid-afternoon. The host chapter will also provide a video recorder to record the directors, and a suitable means for playback and review in an adjacent meeting room. In return for these services, the host chapter is eligible to send their frontline director (or assistant director) at no charge. Currently, the cost for the other 4 attending directors is $100 each – a real bargin!

The CDWI II Program

The CDWI – 2 program is a modification of the original CDWI program designed in 1995. To date, more than 500 directors and assistant directors have participated in the CDWI program. The ever-increasing demands of the directors for an expansion of the original CDWI has evolved into this second phase directorial training.

Many of the aspects between a CDWI and a CDWI – 2 are similar. Both involve two trainers, a maximum of five directors from a specific geographical area, a local chorus, videotape reviews, etc. The differences are designed to meet the requests of the directors.

Each participating director will be contacted individually by one of the trainers prior to the workshop. The trainer will ensure that the director has participated in at least one CDWI workshop prior to the CDWI – 2 and will try to get a feeling as to the director’s level of acceptance of the CDWI principals. Having gone through a CDWI is an absolute pre-requisite for participation in the CDWI – 2. There will be no exceptions.

Director Certification Levels (as of June 1, 2006)

1 Anyone (but must submit application to program) Any one of the following:
  • Directing course at COTS
  • Attendance at CDWI
  • Attendance at DOTF
  • Directing course (other)
District activity Receive email letter of congratulations from Vice Chair for Certification
2 Anyone (but must submit application to program) All of the following:
  • Dir Tech 1
  • Snd Mg 1
  • Theory 1
  • Leadership
DC* Receive email letter of congratulations from Vice Chair for Certification
3 Level 2 awardees only and must have experience as front line or assistant director All of the following:
  • Dir Tech 2
  • Snd Mg 2 or VocProd
  • Theory 2
  • History BBS
  • Judging
  • CDW1
Dir, Sng, Thr at DC*; CDWI in District; Others at DC or Home Study Receive certificate & pin (Certified Director) in public ceremony by CDD
4 Level 3 awardees and currently be a front-line director All of the following:
  • Dir Tech 3
  • Theory 3
  • Teach Ped
  • TchKnow
DC Receive email letter of congratulations from Vice Chair for Certification
5 Level 4 awardees only CDWI Next Level & pass all BoR items:
  • Chorus survey
  • Letters of reference
  • Video rehearsal analysis
  • Show video
  • Contest video
DC Receive certificate and pin (Masters Director Award) in public ceremony by CDD
6 Achieve a level of contribution as determined by the BoR Election by BoR   Receive certificate (Joe Liles Lifetime Achievement Award) from Soc Pres. at Intl convention
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