A Brief History of the Southeastern Harmony District

The Dixie District was organized in Birmingham, Alabama in February 23, 1948. It was comprised of nine southeastern states, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The District at that time had a total membership of 424 from the 10 chapters.

The first District Quartet Contest was the occasion for the second meeting of the district at the Hotel Bankhead in Birmingham, Alabama on November 28, 1948. The first district champion quartet was The Florida Knights of Tampa, Florida and the runner-up was The Choral Keys of Miami, Florida.

Over the years after its modest entry into the world of barbershop harmony, the Dixie District has made giant steps in membership and chapters despite the loss of Louisiana, which was transferred to the Southwestern District and in later years so was Arkansas. We said goodbye to Florida in 1959 with the creation of the Sunshine District. Despite these losses the Dixie District continued to grow.

In September of 2007, the Barbershop Harmony Society moved its headquarters to 110 7th Ave. N., Nashville, TN 37203-3704 and we heartily welcomed them into our district.

In 2009, the Barbershop Harmony Society authorized the creation of a 17th district. On July 1, 2010, North and South Carolina separated from the Dixie District to begin operating as the new Carolinas District.

The Dixie District has been blessed with outstanding and dedicated leadership. The Dixie District has had talented quartets, choruses and skilled directors, arrangers, judges and coaches. Dixie has grown into a district of which the Society can be proud.

On March 11, 2024, the district underwent a rebrand and refocus on chapter development, renaming the district to The Southeaster Harmony District by unanimous vote. 

The following persons have served as District President:

  Southeastern Harmony District Presidents  
2024 Jimmy Tompkins Chattanooga, TN
  Dixie District Presidents  
2024  Jimmy Tompkins Chattanooga, TN
2020-2023 Paul Blazek Chattanooga, TN
2018-19 Paul Wietlisbach Mt Juliet, TN
2016-17 Charlie Davenport Saint Petersburg, FL
2014-15 Dwain Chambers Memphis, TN
2012-13 Larry Deters Brentwood, TN
2010-11 Drayton Justus Marietta, GA
2008-09 Thom Hine Marietta, GA
2005-07 Dwain Chambers Collierville, TN
2004-05 Frank Cristina Nashville, TN
2003-04 Don Lang Millers Creek, NC
2001-02 Jim Sams Memphis, TN
1999-2000 Thom Hine Marietta, GA
1997-98 Noah Funderburg Tuscaloosa, AL
1995-96 Jack Frobose Stone Mountain, GA
1993-94 Jeff James Charlotte, NC
1991-92 Charlie Rose Rocky Mount, NC
1989-90 Dick Belote Nashville, TN
1987-88 Art Wourms Columbia, SC
1985-86 Bobby Wooldridge Tuscaloosa, AL
1983-84 Randy Miller Columbia, SC
1981-82 James C. Warner Memphis, TN
1979-80 Charles McCann Nashville, TN
1977-78 Ralph Delano Benson, NC
1975-76 H. Steve Keiss Memphis, TN
1973-74 Neil R. Bruce Birmingham, AL
1971-72 Robert E. Roark Knoxville, TN
1969-70 Warren T. Bowen Spartanburg, SC
1967-68 Richard H. DeMontmollin Columbia, SC
1966 Robert L. Sears Mobile, AL
1964-65 Melvin J. Harris Charlotte, NC
1962-63 Dr. Tom C. Prince, Jr. Knoxville, TN
1960-61 Sam H. Haney Birmingham, AL
1959 Randolph Peets, Jr. Jackson, MS
1958-59 Joe Griffith St. Petersburg, FL
1956-57 Paul D. Amsbary Asheville, NC
1955-56 Wallace E. Singleton Memphis, TN
1954-55 William H. Hall Tampa, FL
1953-54 Merton H. Barrett St. Petersburg, FL
1952-53 John T. Dawson Winston-Salem, NC
1951-52 Harley S. Miller Plant City, FL
1950-51 Elford A. Lumpkin Memphis, TN
1949-50 Sam T. Breedon Tampa, FL
1948-49 Warren W. Zinsmaster Miami, FL
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