District Taskforce Initiatives and Rebranding

District Taskforce Initiatives and Rebranding
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Posted By: David Murphree
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Date Posted: Mon, Mar 11 2024
Since 1948, the Dixie District has enjoyed 76 years of harmony, fellowship, and camaraderie. We weren’t slacking on the singing either, with two chorus champions, three quartet champions, and at least four Varsity champions! We have always enjoyed this great hobby, even though we have seen quite a bit of change over the years, and while we have lost states (Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, and later both Carolinas).

This year, change was on the table once more. On October 1, 2023, the board of directors of the Dixie District voted unanimously to “form a task force to formulate a proposal that will help the district grow with Clay Hine being the chairman”. Several developments over several years led to this direction, including:
  • Declining district and chapter membership
  • Declining participation in district conventions
  • Declining number of events aside from district conventions that would present opportunities for our chapters, membership, and potential members to engage and share in the joy of barbershop
  • The negative impact of COVID on the above and on our district community
  • Discussions involving the name of our district, different perspectives on a name change and how the name represents our values and mission.
  • Recognition of a desire for more positive opportunities for our district community to engage and share the passion that we have for barbershop and for our barbershop community.
  • The increasing need to learn from and share ideas that could potentially benefit all of our members and chapters.
From this task force, we received a proposal and on March 3rd, the House of Delegates voted unanimously to pass it. The proposal to rebrand and reimagine the Dixie District is summarized below:
  1. Maintain the current Vision and Mission statements (with adjustments for district name), found on the District website.
  2. Establish Areas and Area Counselor (ACs) to facilitate chapter engagement at a local level.
  3. Establish the position of Guild Director who will organize and maintain a district coaches guild (coaches available to coach choruses and quartets), Quartet Guild, and Chorus Directors Guild.
  4. Round table discussions - the district will facilitate round table discussions (virtual – ie, Zoom – or in-person) that include key stake holders within district chapters, each focused on one of 3 specific broad chapter challenges (Membership Development, Chorus Director Support and Finances).
  5. Quartet Development – the VP M&P will work with the District Quartet Champions Association (DQCA) to facilitate an annual Intensive Quartet Training (IQT) Day for coaching any interested quartet (outside of those already invited to the Top Gun School).
  6. District Success Chairman – a new district board position who will monitor, assess, and help guide the success of district programs as they relate to or are discussed in this proposal.
  7. Create Events Strategic Planning (ESP) Committee to design and implement exciting new opportunities for members of our district community to gather.
In order to best present and represent the district’s new direction and renewed focus on community and growth, the task force proposes to:
  1. Change the name of the district from “The Dixie District” to the “Southeastern Harmony District”, and
  2. Adopt specific measures and actions to ensure that the positive legacy and history of The Dixie District are preserved and perpetuated.

Over the next several weeks, we will be showcasing each one of these changes as they are all major changes that deserve a deep dive.

We want to express our gratitude to all who have supported us, currently support us, and will support us. We are excited to start this new chapter in the district as the Southeastern Harmony District!