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As the name implies, this event is by invitation only. It is provided to help International quality quartets prepare for International qualifier events. The event is held over a weekend in January and will include 3 to 5 quartets and a like number of top level coaches from within and outside the District. The district pays for the costs of the coaches and the quartets pay for transportation to get to the site and lodging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the District continue to use District funds to support a few "elite" quartets?
Hold on buckaroo! These aren't a few elite quartets. These are people like you and I that put in the exceptional time and effort to attain a level of performance that prepares them for International level competition. What you get is the satisfaction of knowing you supported SHD;s finest in preparing for that competition and, hopefully, bringing home some medals for Southeastern Harmony Distict. As an aside, there is one member of the district that believes so strongly in the value of Top Gun that, in the past, he has personally funded the program via a grant to the District.
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