Sheldon Grebe Memorial Award

This award is presented each year to the District Chapter with the highest per man average for giving to Logopedics (through 2000) and Harmony Foundation from that point forward. This award is made in honor of the long-time District Logepedics Chairman, Sheldon Grebe of the Augusta Chapter.

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Year Chapter
2017 Nashville, TN
2012 Nashville, TN
2000 Nashville, TN
1999 Hickory, NC
1998 Edenton, NC
1996 Mississippi Gulf Coast, MS
1995 Mississippi Gulf Coast, MS
1994 Chattanooga, TN
1993 Greenville Area, NC
1992 Hickory, NC
1991 Columbus, MS
1990 Hickory, NC
1989 Hickory, NC
1988 Columbia, SC
1987 Athens, GA
1986 Augusta, GA
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