J.E. "Pop" Gunn Memorial Award

This award, originated in 1987 by the Huntsville Alabama Chapter in memory of deceased member J. E. "Pop" Gunn, is made annually to the District's Jamboree Quartet Champion. The Jamboree category is now called the Novice category.

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Year Quartet Chapter
2019 Goodness Gracious  
2018 Sentinmental Gentlemen  
2017 Quarter to Four  
2016 Tennessee Run  
2015 Baker's Half Dozen  
2014 Fine and Dandies  
2013 Steel City Four  
2012 The Angle  
2011 Better With Bacon Nashville, TN
2010 The Post-It Notes Nashville, TN
2009 Four Grand Chattanooga, TN
2008 Once In A While Memphis, TN
2007 Next Wave Atlanta Metro, GA
2006 No Limit!  
2005 Special Reserve  
2004 Doppler Effect  
2003 Autumn Voices  
2002 Ain't Misbehavin'  
2001 Smackdown  
2000 The Harmonics  
1999 Strictly Barbershop  
1998 Last Chance  
1996 Unpaid Bills Memphis, TN
1995 Mutts and Jeffs Stone Mountain, GA
1994 Jamboree Disturbance Stone Mountain, GA
1992 Just For Kicks Chattanoga, TN
1991 Barry & The Biguns Stone Mountain, GA
1990 Formula IV Success Knox County, Metro, TN
1989 Varsity Rag Columbia, SC
1988 2 Much Fun Knox County Metro, TN
1987 4th Quarter Tuscaloosa, AL
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