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Marketing/Public Relations touches every aspect of a barbershop chapter's operation. An effective chapter marketer implements a chapter's vision/mission by helping expose the public to the chapter and the barbershop style of harmony. The following questions serve to help Chapter Marketing/PR VP's understand what the District VP can do to help them accomplish their goals/purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the District Marketing/PR VP do?
The District VP is in charge of marketing the following activities for the District and of lending support to Chapter M & PR VPs in these activities:
  1. Marketing the Fall and Spring District Conventions
  2. Marketing/advertising the annual SHD-CAR Lakeside Harmony Weekend school and show at Clemson University.
  3. Overseeing the operation of the District Harmony Marketplace.
  4. Overseeing marketing materials that are placed onto the District website.
  5. Overseeing the publication of the Rebel Rouser.
  6. Teaching marketing classes within the District when called upon to do so. Giving instruction as to proper press release and press kit production, establishing relationships with media outlets, etc.
  7. Lending support to Chapter VPs in the promotion of Singing Valentines, shows, etc. when such support is requested.
  8. Communicating with Chapter VPs on a regular basis to share Marketing/PR ideas, concerns, etc.
How can the District VP help our chapter with its marketing?
The District VP can give advice on the most effective means of marketing various events such as Singing Valentines, the "Singing For Life" Blood Drive, annual shows, charity events, public performances, etc. He can also provide advice on the best use of press releases, promotional materials, and how to make good use of media contacts (print, radio, and TV) in marketing/advertising those events. He is merely an information and advice conduit for a chapter marketing person. He should always be available to answer questions that chapter marketers ask from time to time. He also writes articles in the quarterly issues of the Rebel Rouser to share ideas and advice with those chapter VPs.
Can the District VP help us with mass media advertising?
He cannot produce ads for a chapter but can point the M & PR VP in the right direction as to who can help them with that project. He can also advise this VP as to the appropriate media personnel to contact to save on time and expense. Additionally, he can point a chapter VP to the section on the Barbershop Harmony Society website that provides invaluable marketing/pr tools.

Here are some of the tools that a chapter VP can find from that section:
  1. Radio Toolkit – CD of sample radio spots or spots for specific events in which a chapter can add its name, chapter hotline number, and other promotional information.
  2. Pattern News Releases
  3. Media Lists
  4. Ideas for Marketing Singing Valentines
  5. Getting more free publicity
  6. Ideas for Chapter websites & the importance of a website in helping a chapter market itself to the public
  7. FAQ page and other information to promote the Singing For Life blood drive, which is anticipated to be an annual event sponsored by the Society
  8. Chapter Marketing Ideas Manual
How can our chapter develop effective media relationships?
Develop a list of media (print, radio, TV) outlets and Internet websites that could help the chapter effectively market itself and keep a file on those contacts. Continue regular communication with those media outlets, especially since personnel in the media changes constantly.
How can I (we) communicate with the District VP?
He can be reached at

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